Blue Paw Fine Art - Mel Berezny

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Blue Paw Fine Art - Mel Berezny

While I was walking my dog Pie in the park, she froze in point. I got down on my hands & knees to see what grabbed her attention. Much to my surprise, it was a small stump.

The light & shadows made it appear like a perched owl. I realized then that if I had the right perspective, I could see faces in the most curious places.

The symmetry of light, dark & the connection of three points opened my eyes to the existence of beings once hidden.

Blue Paw Fine Art - Mel Berezny

Trees, flowers, animals, & rocks all became vibrantly alive with just a bit of imagination.

I realized that we beings share huge amounts of DNA. Why shouldn't there be human faces in trees, & tree structures in humans?

Their DNA is in us, & our DNA is in them.

Isn't it possible that animal beings are more human than we allow, & that we human beings are more animal than we admit?

Blue Paw Fine Art - Mel Berezny

I hike with dogs, ride a horse, & paint. Being so free to enjoy nature has opened me to the joy of creating.

My art encourages the viewer to linger, to look beyond obvious form, to see multifaceted beings, the wild expressions, & smile!

I hope that you enjoy my artwork & share my imagination into this new exciting world.

Blue Paw Fine Art - Mel Berezny

I live in Culpeper, VA with my dogs, Pie and Miss Rose, and my horse, Sweet Bay.

I received my BS in Biology from Moravian College & my PhD in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University. I took painting classes with Dr. Teresko at Moravian College, & Rosemary Geseck at the Baum School of Art.

- Original art, limited edition prints & select copyright licenses available -